24 inch Flat led Monitor

Size: 24 inch led monitor



Functional interface:VGA/HD-MI

A wide range of products and custom designs help to provide customers with the best display solutions for different projects.

Support custom LOGO color interface, desktop, wall-mounted!

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Display Size

A 24-inch monitor is considered a standard size for desktop use, providing a balance between screen real estate and compactness.


A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, commonly known as Full HD or 1080p, offers sharp and clear visuals with a good level of detail for a 24-inch display.

Refresh Rate

The 75Hz refresh rate means that the monitor can display up to 75 frames per second, which provides smoother motion compared to standard 60Hz monitors. While not as high as some gaming monitors, it can still offer a decent gaming and multimedia experience.

Brand OEM
 Product color Black
Backlight source TFT-LED
Screen size 24 inch Gaming Monitor
Screen proportion 16:9
Backlight LED
Resolution 1920*1080
Brightness 300cd/m2
 Contrat   1000:1
Viewing angle  H:178°V:178°
Color temperature 16.7M
Brushing 75Hz/
Scanning method Progressive scan
Response Time 3ms
Other interfaces DC-12V/HD MI/DP
                   Power consumption parameters
Environmental conditions Work temperature : -20 to 70°C
Working humidity : -20 to 70°C
Save temperature : -30 to 80°C
   Save humidity : -30 to 80°C
Power supply 110V-240V -DC12V
electricity              : 3A
Machine power consumption : 15W
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